Zot Movie Festival, Extremes Sport Film Festival

Zot Movie Festival, Extremes Sport Film Festival

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Published 09 April 2012


The first four editions the Zot Movie Festival has shown the true passion of amateur and professional filmmakers on Reunion. We managed to create a format that produced short films of high quality. The films are well scripted, the images carefully treated and the montages skilfully realised. The directors work all year round to prepare films for the ZOT.
We transformed no fewer than 56 videos representing all the disciplines invited.

The public was won over and our first surprise was the public themselves. We had thought that the age range would have been between 12 and 35. And yet those present were a heterogeneous mix of lovers of adrenalin sports who had found themselves in the same place at the same time.
But we also appeal to entire families enjoying the festival on the beach.
The ZMF is alive and very healthy, all the lights are green, and it is now a regular “must see” event.

Extreme sports film festival (short films). Awards for the best films. Each director is free to treat the subject as they wish in accordance with the rules. It must highlight their sport, the environment in which it is practiced and the spirit of its practitioners.
A jury of professionals will award a variety of prizes to winning entries.

A standardised format is requested from each participant. The criteria of which are defined in the regulations in order to pre-select the films that will compete on the day.

The event take place over one day. The jury of professionals and the public can attend the screening, and the presentation by the director, of each video on a giant screen. (244m2).

Each day's event will be followed by a concert and entertainment that will give time for the jury to deliberate. The award ceremony will take place at the end of each evening, the winners departing with their various awards. The public will vote for their choice and the winner will receive a special "public" award.

During the day various sports demonstrations and displays will be conducted on the exceptional site of the Zot Movie Festival 2012.

The Zot Movie Festival 2012 is gambling on opening the contest to all filmmakers of the world's extreme sports. The festival will be held over one day. Mainland French, European and the Indian Ocean region (Mayotte, Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa) directors are invited to participate and compete with the local talent.

20 films will be selected from directors of Reunion and five selected films will come from foreign director.

Foreign filmmakers should review the rules governing the ZMF 2012. They can upload their films on the official festival website. The association's pre-selection committee will retain the 5 best productions by foreign filmmakers and the 20 best productions by Reunion filmmakers for the competition.

The five foreign filmmakers who are selected will receive a ticket to/from the island of Reunion and full accommodation. Only filmmakers available on the dates of the film festival will be accepted, as the directors must be on hand to present their films.

More …http://www.zotmoviefestival.com