Best Of – Freeride Junior World Championship 2018 – Kappl (AUT)

Best Of – Freeride Junior World Championship 2018 – Kappl (AUT)

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Published 26 March 2018


Snowboard Men
It was all stars and stripes on the podium today with three young Americans
leading the pack. Jesse Aves (USA-1st Place) and Holden Samuels (USA-
2nd Place) proved that age is only a number as they both launched into two of
the biggest airs seen this season for the category, respectively styling it out
with grabs the whole way down to take the top two podium positions. Andrew
Kraatz (USA-3rd Place) showed big mountain confidence and technical skill
with a steep and creative line choice, which secured him a well-deserved
"I’m so excited to win, it was such a good feeling coming down and landing
my entire run!", said Jesse Aves.

Snowboard Women
Jazmine Erta (ITA-1st Place) was riding strong with a dreamy and smooth
freeride run, which earned her enough points to take the win. Chamonix local,
Anna Martinez (FRA-2nd Place) proved that she was comfortable in the
steeps with a challenging line selection that the judges rewarded despite
some difficulty landing her bottom air. 2017 FJWC winner, Heidi Farmer
(CAN 3rd-Place) put together a nice run with beautiful big mountain turns to
close out the category.
"I absolutely did not expect it this year, especially since I changed my line
three minutes before I started!, said Jazmine Erta.

Ski Women
Marie Bovard (SUI-1st Place) earned the top podium spot with a huge must
stick technical air, which she followed-up with smooth skiing all the way to the
finish line. Megan Rielly (USA-2nd Place) linked together flowy turns down
the face with a bottom air in mind the whole time, which she stomped cleanly
to land her in second place. Caroline Dreier (FRA-3rd Place) took to the the
air early then made the challenging sun affected snow look easy as she
glided down the rest of the venue with speed and confidence.
"I’m so so happy, I can’t believe I won and I’m really happy with my run!", said
Marie Bovard.

Ski Men
Dylan Lavenex (SUI-1st Place) took the top podium spot with what
commentator and FWT athlete, Conor Pelton (USA) claimed as the “line of
the day”, which the Verbier local executed with style, creativity, fluid riding and
a huge 360 at the bottom to put the stamp on a well-deserved win. Ben
Woodward (CAN-2nd Place) put together a textbook run, fluidly linking-up
three critical airs, which included a stylish 360 and a big stomp to close out a
solid performance. Abel Moga (ESP-3rd Place) dropped into one of the
biggest and most critical lines of the day, where he fluidly stuck three big
drops including a final double that earned him a place on the podium.