Clif Kit - Jeremy Jones' Further Unplugged Episode 7

Clif Kit - Jeremy Jones' Further Unplugged Episode 7

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Published 09 May 2012

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With the constant physical demands of bottom up approaches Jeremy Jones knows that reliable fuel is just as important as reliable equipment. When Jeremy sets off on another challenging ascent, Clif shot blocks and gels are his go to source for the full force nutrition needed to top out.

Further Unplugged takes you behind the scenes of Jeremy Jones'
two-year snowboarding film, Further. Get an inside glimpse of what
goes on between the lines as Jones and other top riders including
Terje Haakonsen, Xavier De Le Rue and Josh Dirksen travel to exotic
locations such as Japan, the Arctic Circle and the Wrangell-St. Elias
Wilderness. Challenges arise around every corner as this crew attempts
to push their minds and bodies further.