Jackson Shutdown Part 2 - Jeremy Jones' Further Unplugged Episode 4

Jackson Shutdown Part 2 - Jeremy Jones' Further Unplugged Episode 4

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Published 10 February 2012


No matter how good you are, bad things can happen. In this episode of
Further Unplugged, Jeremy Jones, Xavier De Le Rue and Jimmy Chin
embark on a mission to ride The Sliver couloir in Grand Teton National
Park. After the crew successfully rides the line, Jimmy gets caught in
an avalanche. Dragged over 2,000 feet, Jimmy miraculously survives
and learns from this frightening experience.

Further Unplugged takes you behind the scenes of Jeremy Jones'
two-year snowboarding film, Further. Get an inside glimpse of what
goes on between the lines as Jones and other top riders including
Terje Haakonsen, Xavier De Le Rue and Josh Dirksen travel to exotic
locations such as Japan, the Arctic Circle and the Wrangell-St. Elias
Wilderness. Challenges arise around every corner as this crew attempts
to push their minds and bodies further.

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