Comune PSOTRATSOC1983 Full Movie

Comune PSOTRATSOC1983 Full Movie

snowboard Video
Published 17 August 2011

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COMUNE's latest snowboarding film project titled "Psychic Secrets of the Russians and the Shape of Content 1983" (PSOTRATSOC1983)​psychicsecrets

Featuring the snowboarding experimentation of:

Eric Messier
Curtis Woodman
Dylan Thompson
Colton Morgan
Ben Rice
Ty Walker
Cameron Strand
Billy Mackey
Maxwell Carl Scott
Jordan Michilot
Brendan Gerard


Principal Video:
Ryan Scardigli

Additional Footage:
Kevin Castanheira
Corey Smith
Eric Messier
Brenden Hupp
John Stark
Paul Heran
Bryce Hymans
Riley Erickson
Sean Lucey
John Waddell
Clayton James

Edited by:
Corey Smith
Ryan Scardigli

Art Direction:
Corey Smith

Music by:

Cool Runnings "When I Got High With You" off of the Babes Forever album.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Beat the Devil's Tattoo" off of the Beat the Devil's Tattoo Album.

Bass Drum of Death "Heartattack Kid" off of the GB City album.

Harlem "Gay Human Bones" off of the Hippies album.

Davila 666 "La Ciudad" off of the self titled album.