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Published 12 September 2018

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The last days of summer and moving into Fall right now, The best season for Mountain biking here in the Val de Bagnes, Switzerland.
Amazing fall colours, no-one around, Time to hit those high mountain trails you have been thinking about before winter arrives.

The High life project was born from a genuine love for the Val de Bagnes area and all it has to offer. Both Brice Cantenot , (the idea and momentum behind the project) and Craig Douglas, (working the camera and production,) are long time residents of this area and have collaborated on several projects together over the last few years. “We discussed a potential short movie to show the best natural trails in the area and really share what we have in our backyard here in Verbier.”

Brice is a shaper on the Verbier Bikepark but for this edit he wanted to take the camera off the DH tracks and into the High Alpine. Armed with a list of his most inspiring and most aesthetically pleasing trails and his riding buddy Bastian "petoulatchi" Estratat, we explored and shot early mornings into late nights, two riders and one filmer. No budget and no platform to put it out. Just doing it for the love.

Brice had a strong vision for this project and it was my job as a filmer to try to do his idea justice and realize it as best we could with what we had.

The mix of low key reggae, flowing terrain and bright fall colours is somehow soothing but still inspiring to any local riders here in the valley, or anyone who loves biking and a bit of adventure.

Location Verbier / Val De Bagnes , Valais, Suisse.

Original concept and Direction by Brice Cantenot - @bcant_know
Imagery and Production – by GITGO.CH - Craig Douglas - @thegitgo
Riders – Brice and Bastian @bcant_know @petoulatchi

MUSIC- Slightly Stoopid -Stick Figures


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