Highlight Women - Freeride World Tour 2019 | Hakuba (JPN)

Highlight Women - Freeride World Tour 2019 | Hakuba (JPN)

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Published 05 February 2019


Arianna Tricomi (ITA-First Place) once again stood on top of the podium with a progressive run starting off with a 360 and followed by technical mastery. FWT newcomer Maude Besse (SUI-Second Place) charged into a zone no one else had touched, stomping a technical line in the steepest part of the venue. Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI-Third Place) continued her rise through the ranks on the Tour with a big entry air followed to a second solid stomp. Anna Orlova (RUS–First Place) earned her first place position with a run that navigated technical features and stomped airs with confidence. Manuela Mandl (AUT–Second Place) rode a beautiful and steep line with excellent snow and clean style. The 2017 FWT Champion Marion Haerty (FRA–Third Place) opened the venue with heat and stayed on her feet to earn third place.


1. Arianna Tricomi (ITA)
2. Maude Besse (SUI)
3. Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI)

1. Anna Orlova (RUS)
2. Manuela Mandl (AUT)
3. Marion Haerty (FRA)