Home to Roost Ep.11 - Phil Atwill

Home to Roost Ep.11 - Phil Atwill

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Published 27 September 2016

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Phil Atwill​ returns to the series with yet more insane riding, this time from the South West of England. In the land of pasties, tractors and truly epic scenery lies an abandoned mine; once the largest copper and arsenic mine in the World, now home to the perfect MTB playground for Phil to go wild...

The pitbike footage at the start of this video is filmed outside of Tavistock Woodlands. It's not allowed to ride motorbikes of any kind on site! Please don't do it! MTB riding filmed at multiple locations inside and outside of Tavistock Woodlands.

Check out www.gawtongravityhub.co.uk for more info on the trails.

Produced by Creative Concept​. #hometoroost


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