Marker Squire 2012-2013 - Coline Ballet-Baz

Marker Squire 2012-2013 - Coline Ballet-Baz

Völkl Marker
Völkl Marker
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Published 03 September 2012

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Din 3 to 11;
Weight : 1530 gr for the 11, 1990gr for the Schizo,

The latest addition to the family is the brand new Squire, designed for all the free style newcomers and lighter riders. The newly developed Triple Pivot Compact Toe and Hollow Linkage Heel make the binding very light and compact as well as sturdy. The toe height is adjustable for worn-out ski boots in order to provide optimum fit. That's also a perfect bindings for womens, the choice of our girls : Virginie Faivre, Julie Bénard, Grete Eliassen... You can adjust the height of the toe for a perfect set up on your ski boots. Delivered with 90 and 110mm brakes, you can also buy 132mm brakes for wider skis.

All Schizo models feature Marker's unique Multi-Stance-Adjustor, offering 60mm continuous travel for perfect balanced riding position

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