Volkl Gotama 2012-2013 - Mathieu Bijasson

Volkl Gotama 2012-2013 - Mathieu Bijasson

Völkl Marker
Völkl Marker
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Published 03 September 2012


Presentation of the Gotama, Kiku (for woman) and the Gotama Jr.
Sidecute : 139-107-123
Radius : 27,4 (186cm)
Flat camber, tip and tail rocker
Sandwich and wood construction

The perfect all-around gun for every type of snow on every mountain! The Gotama stands out thanks to its extremely simple skiing performance, although it reacts a bit quicker. That's the ski that Mathieu Bijasson, leader of the FWQ in 2012, choose to reach the bigger podiums

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