Megavalanche 2012 - Clash of the titans

Megavalanche 2012 - Clash of the titans

Bluegrass Eagle
Bluegrass Eagle
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Published 30 October 2012

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Last July Italian video maker Gianluca Ricceri followed Jérome Clementz (2010 Megavalanche winner) and Rémy Absalon (2011 Megavalanche winner) during the whole week that eventually led to THE race of the year, the Megavalanche 2012.

About the Megavalanche
A race that does not need much of an introduction, the grueling Megavalanche in l'Alpe d'Huez is a legend in its own right, a mass start downhill marathon, starting from the Pic Blanc glacier 3.300 meters above sea level. About 2.000 riders take part each year in July in l'Alpe d'Huez. More than 30 nationalities are represented.

Bluegrass Factory Development
Both Rémy Absalon and Jérome Clementz are members of the Bluegrass Factory Development team.

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