New FURIOUS - The Calm before the Storm

New FURIOUS - The Calm before the Storm

23 Oct
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Published 21 October 2019

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New FURIOUS - The Calm Before the Storm

Look at it, in the garage, with an air of California Dreamin’.
The elegance. With its new lines, even cleaner, more modern and vibrant.
You imagine being in the Alps, Utah or on the Sunshine Coast.
You think of a sunset, a light warm breeze or the sound of crashing waves.

Enjoy the calm. As long as there's still time.

Because once behind the handlebars you're not the same anymore!
You're launching into that freeride line you’ve always dreamt about.
Dirt is getting roosted and berms are being destroyed.
Finally after all this time, your whips look like whips.
You listen to Peewee Longway or Nekfeu in your headphones.
You feel powerful, unstoppable, fearless.
They say you have an insolence and arrogance about you.

That’s just how things are now.

This video represents weeks of organisation, discussion, filming and editing.
The finished product is 10 minutes long. So don’t be in a hurry to watch it.
Take 10 for yourself, turn the speaker on or put your headphones in.
On the biggest screen possible, launch the video.
And let yourself be swept up into the eye of the storm!

Film & Edit: Leon Perrin
Music: California Dreamin’ - Jose Feliciano
Split - Brodinski
Sous Les Nuages - Nekfeu
Gyöngyhajú lány - Omega
The Good The Bad And The Ugly


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