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Published 13 October 2013

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By joining art and sport, we combine two great sources of vitality that have a very positive effect on personal growth. This state of well-being is crucial to cope with a long hard battling illness like Cancer. Cancer symptons may improve both at a physical (tiredness, fatigue) and psychological (anxiety, depression) level by expressing your emotions in a creative way and achieving a sense of freedom and self confidence. This is why we would like to open up your mind about Breast Cancer through the eyes of a sports professional, surfer Lucia Martiño, and an artist, illustrator Little Madi.

DAKINE wanted to help this cause and has launched a Limited Edition collection in patnership with the "Keep a Breast" Foundation ( ) . The sales of this collection will benefit KAB's support, education and prevention programs developed to eradicate breast cancer.
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Filming & Editing: Julien Mazard
Music: Everydayz - L'Absence ( )

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