WINTER WITHIN - Back 2 the future - EPISODE 4 – teaser

WINTER WITHIN - Back 2 the future - EPISODE 4 – teaser

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Published 26 March 2015

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Yeah… Rusty Toothbrush have officially lost their minds,
4 legged snowboarders from the future and retro snowboard ballet all in one edit.
Could it be true?
You’ll just have to wait to find out in episode 4 when everything you thought you knew about the world gets changed forever… permanently!

Wether its 800BC or the year 3090 Les 2 Alpes is the place to be

Production & Direction: Alex Stewart

Film: Francesco Zoppei & Brad Smith

Editing: Alex Stewart & Francesco Zoppei

Animation: Francesco Zoppei

Song: Lose the box - Menage Quad

Jeanne Mounaut, Amandine Le Roux and all the staff from Office de Tourisme des 2 Alpes for your wonderful collaboration.
Sylvain Garabos and all the park crew at "2 Alpes Snowpark" for your endless support and your amazing park.

Joanna Laforge and Louisa Van Vloten from Madame Vacances for hosting us at Ibizia Hotel Les 2 Alpes during our filming period.
And last but not least all the riders for Rusty Toothbrush who came and through their bodies around for the camera: Alex Stewart, Victor Loron, Giacomo Errichiello, Pasquale Gentile.

Winter Within - Les 2 Alpes