WINTER WITHIN - back 2 school – EP. 2 - TEASER

WINTER WITHIN - back 2 school – EP. 2 - TEASER

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Published 21 January 2015

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After having just a little to much fun in Episode 1 I think it’s time the Rusty Toothbrush crew take a little time off the partying and get “BACK 2 SCHOOL”
The Rusty Toothbrush boys get a little schooling from the ladies this time around, perhaps they’ll even learn a thing or two…. perhaps.
Now focus and take some notes because here is the Teaser for Episode 2 of the Les 2 Alpes Web Series - WINTER WITHIN and it’s going to make you smarter…

PLEASE NOTE: We offer NO Guarantee’s on increased intelligence after watching this video.

Production & Direction: Alex Stewart

Film: Theo Acworth & Francesco Zoppei

Editing: Francesco Zoppei & Alex Stewart

Animation: Francesco Zoppei

Song: The Underscore Orkestra - Government Housing

Jeanne Mounaut, Amandine Le Roux and all the staff from Office de Tourisme des 2 Alpes for your wonderful collaboration.
Sylvain Garabos and all the park crew at "2 Alpes Snowpark" for your endless support and your amazing park.
Joanna Laforge and Louisa Van Vloten from Madame Vacances for hosting us at Ibiza Hotel Les 2 Alpes.
And also to the Temple Bar for keeping the good times rolling well after the sun goes down!

And last but not least all the riders for Rusty Toothbrush who came and through their bodies around for the camera!

Riders : Elena Graglia , Andre Strazzu, Bibi Maiocco, Giacomo G B Errichiello, Alex Stewart, Thomas Toom Ginger.

Winter Within - Les 2 Alpes