WINTER WITHIN - nice 2 meet you - EPISODE 1

WINTER WITHIN - nice 2 meet you - EPISODE 1

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Published 05 January 2015

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Waiting for the start of any winter season is intense, we are brought to feel like 8yr old children on the eve of Christmas morning.
The Rusty Toothbrush crew tear apart "2 Alpes Snow Park" just like a toddler tears the wrapping paper off their very first christmas present all while trying to keep their undying ambition of being the first up the hill in the morning and the last to stop partying from getting the better of them.

After watching the first episode of Winter Within you’ll have one more reason to give up your day job and come party and play with us in Les 2 Alpes.

Production & Direction: Alex Stewart
Film: Theo Acworth & Francesco Zoppei
Editing: Francesco Zoppei & Alex Stewart
Animation: Francesco Zoppei
Song: Dollar in my JukeboXXX - Diana Salvatore


Jeanne Mounaut, Amandine Le Roux and all the staff from Office de Tourisme des 2 Alpes for your wonderful collaboration.

Sylvain Garabos and all the park crew at "2 Alpes Snowpark" for your endless support and your amazing park.

Hôtel Les Lutins for hosting us during our filming period.
A spectacular hotel and amazing staff, we felt absolutely at home the entirety of our stay.

And last but not least all the riders for Rusty Toothbrush who came and through their bodies around for the camera.
Victor Loron, Andrea Bergamaschi, Sebastian Springeth, Giacomo G B Errichiello, Alberto Planchon, Alex Stewart.

Winter Within - Les 2 Alpes