WINTER WITHIN – 2 good 2 be bad - EPISODE 3 – Teaser

WINTER WITHIN – 2 good 2 be bad - EPISODE 3 – Teaser

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Published 19 February 2015

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How secret is a secret agent if you know he’s a secret agent??
That’ll get you thinking…
In episode 3 the crew are buttoning up their shirts and getting down to business.
This time they are on the hunt for the Les Deux Alpes missing Mascot and it’s capturers.

Episode 3 is absolutely filled with bangers in bow-ties
Prepare yourself for the full part release on the 26th of February because this is a spy story that would make even James bond raise an eyebrow.

Production & Direction: Alex Stewart

Film: Theo Acworth & Francesco Zoppei

Editing: Francesco Zoppei & Alex Stewart

Animation: Francesco Zoppei

Song: Wsmkrz - Du B ong

Jeanne Mounaut, Amandine Le Roux and all the staff from Office de Tourisme des 2 Alpes for your wonderful collaboration.
Sylvain Garabos and all the park crew at "2 Alpes Snowpark" for your endless support and your amazing park.
Joanna Laforge and Louisa Van Vloten from Madame Vacances for hosting us at Ibizia Hotel Les 2 Alpes during our filming period, The best Spy Hangout there is!
And last but not least all the riders for Rusty Toothbrush who came and through their bodies around for the camera: Alex Stewart , Victor Loron et Ruben Hubner.

Winter Within - Les 2 Alpes