WINTER WITHIN - Nice 2 meet you - EP.1 - Teaser

WINTER WITHIN - Nice 2 meet you - EP.1 - Teaser

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Published 22 December 2014

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WINTER WITHIN is 5 part web-series set in the amazing Les 2 Alpes - France.

Prepare yourself for the un-preparable as Rusty Toothbrush guides you through a complete season at the most radical resort in Europe.

Each episode more quirky from the last and each with it's own unique flavour that will have you craving the snow and mountain life so intensely you may just quit your day job and come live it with us .... well .... why don't you??

Production & Direction: Alex Stewart
Film & Editing: Theo Acworth & Francesco Zoppei
Animation: Francesco Zoppei
Song: Far Away - MK2

Hôtel Les Lutins for hosting us during our filming period.
Jeanne Mounaut, Amandine Le Roux and all the staff from Office de Tourisme des 2 Alpes for your wonderful collaboration.
Sylvain Garabos and all the park crew at "2 Alpes Snowpark" for your endless support and your amazing park.
And last but not least all the riders for Rusty Toothbrush who came and through their bodies around for the camera.
Victor Loron, Andrea Bergamaschi, Sebastian Springeth, Giacomo G B Errichiello, Alberto Planchon, Alex Stewart.

Winter Within - Les 2 Alpes