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Published 27 February 2019

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Camille Servant is the first major athlete in the prime of life, so to speak, to steer his career towards E-MTB.

Only 24 years old, Camille already has an extensive national and international enduro record.

Top 3 of French Enduro Series, probably the roughest in the world, Camille also scored an 8th place and a 13th on the EWS French and Slovenian rounds in 2018.

Great performances obtained with the support of Tribe Sport Group, the French distributor, these results have not gone unnoticed with Rocky Mountain who have made of Camille their development and race pilot for the Powerplay structure, the electric range of the maple leaf brand.

Priority is therefore given to Enduro mountain bike races in Europe and to the field tests and validations of the technical evolutions that will eventually be found later on the final production.

And, as Camille is full of energy, he will still find time to shred a couple of EWS and make videos demonstrating the full potential of this new sport.

Small appetizer with this first video presentation on the local spots of southern Provence on an Altitude Powerplay C70.