Urge To Meet The Gringos

Urge To Meet The Gringos

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Published 13 December 2018

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In 2018, Urge BP is already 10 years old ! A decade spent at the very heart of mountain biking between races, exploring journeys and daily lunch rides. Since the early days, Urge’s guideline was to make MTB helmets and off-road helmets ONLY. Today, seems like we’re the only MTB brand that kept this philosophy alive. We’ve also had in mind since the beginning to add some serious eco-responsible and sustainable ideas to the manufacturing of our products, such as using recycled components and removing plastic whenever it’s possible. We just can’t stop doing what we do and have fun on our bikes but we MUST do it responsibly.
To celebrate this unique anniversary, we would like to reveal you our main source of inspiration: our ‘Gringos’ ambassadors who make our favourite sport more and more beautiful every day.
Among these passionate riders coming from everywhere we’re sure to be in good company.
In this Urge crew, gathering diverse talented personalities, from Zoobab and Fred Glo, Father and Godfather of the brand, passing through legendary Fabien Barel, Camille Servant, Baptiste Gaillot, Youn Deniaud, Sabrina Jonnier to the master of free diving Arnaud Jerald, the hippie monk Ima Su, the cartographer Cedric Tassan, the guardian of History Julien Rebuffet, the journalist Amael Donnet and the really young gun Paolo, WE ARE ALL GRINGOS. Strangers to each other or to a place, at this precise moment or in our entire life.
We’re all different, unique, but united by some common values.
Champions, past champions, future champions or simply passionate riders, super fit or so so, young or not that young any longer, famous or discreet, it’s just about Human diversity riding off road bikes wandering in the middle of nature with pleasure, love and respect.
Every one of them is looking forward to a better future, when, we hope, Man will find a way to stop being too often a toxic element for the planet and biodiversity.


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